Another day in Puna

006 008 017043Where ever you go in Puna it is a no HUNT zone…Some how she thinks she is somebody BUT Puna don’t think  With all of the SHAKAS that I have been getting to date I believe that THE HUNT may be tossed out of the running coming out of the gate. People have had a pretty good look at TIFFANY EDWARDS HUNT and the picture don’t look good. TIFFANY EDWARDS HUNT has shown her true colors and it is my believing that most all of them are pissed off. The fiasco that she put on in front of her SMALL fan club of about twenty supporters just about sealed the deal for her. TIFFANY EDWARDS HUNTs idea of a PUNA roast was to tear apart people that weren’t even there to defend themselves. A TIFFANY one sided roast.

I could go on for hours about the person and why PUNA just don’t need her on the council. But it’s best if you hear it from the source so … STOP BY AND LETS TALK STORY the next time you see me doing MY SIGN WAVING…I promise not to call the police on you like she has done to me.

The Lack

Can’t believe how many SKAKAS i have gotten and NOT ONE FLIP OFF YET

1 Response to “Another day in Puna”

  1. 1 Rich Gomez
    August 9, 2014 at 9:08 am

    Mr. Lackey… Rich Gomez here. I have really enjoyed the cartoons. I am definitely NOT an advocate for Mz. Edward’s Hunt. Some time back I sent her a little mail that said “Dear Tiffany…. I have a riddle for you…. it goes like this…. “What’s worse than Tiffany Edward’s Hunt?” Somehow I guess she pulled the “c” word out of that one and got pretty upset. 🙂 Anyway… some folks call me “Captain ATV”. From time to time I wear a purple cape with purple goggles and pink balloons taped to my body. Tiffany is pretty upset about that as well. I just wanted to say that I appreciate your stance and that if you ever wanted to put Captain ATV into a cartoon, maybe tying Tiffany to a railroad track or something I’d be all for it. Captain ATV is half bald with long flowing hair and a chiseled super-hero like face, and he just detests Tiffany. Hope all is well, good luck with the (anti)campaign.

    Sincerely, Rich Gomez gomezrr@hawaii.edu

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